My THM Journey

In 2014 I got the original (huge) THM plan book. I joined the THM Facebook groups, and I watched. I stalked for a year. I then started in 2015 with the thought I was going to try it out. I did THM 1 week, but gave up with the excuse that I was pregnant. I made up my mind that after I had baby Nancy, and when our church meals ended that I’d begin THM. All my hard clean eating efforts were lost on that pregnancy. I gained 40 lbs. 

That September 2015 I got the new cookbook and the new plan book. I read through it, and this time it made sense to me. The old one was a little confusing for me, and I never did get through it. I’ve been cooking out of that cookbook ever since. I still don’t get tired of it. 

Before THM I was a strict clean eater. I’ve been enjoying the food freedom with THM. I have found balance! I’m a Drive Thru Sue with a Purist heart. I’m still passionate about not eating processed foods. But doing THM in a sustainable way has been a huge part of my success. 


I love ice cream! It took me a few years to perfect on plan ice cream recipes that ALL would love. The whole family and extended family that doesn’t do THM. I love to cook. I love to do food prep! I’m an Independent Pampered Chef Consultant that loves all the kitchen gadgets. My favorite place to be is in the kitchen. I do better by being 100% on plan. But I don’t let the guilt get to me for those special occasions, and being a guest in someone else’s home. Life happens at times, and we get right back on track the very next meal. 


I always say we know ourselves the best! We know if we’re over indulging or sabotaging ourselves. We know if we’re making excuses. And I know if the meal will derail me. If you do something halfway, you will get halfway results. I am now enjoying watching my clients have success as I encourage them and help them grow in their THM journey. It keeps me motivated! I love it. 






I officially started THM Oct. 2015. I was 7 weeks postpartum. I’m not one that loses quickly while breastfeeding. I have to work for every ounce lost. (I know we all do!) It took me 2 months to lose my first 10 lbs, and then 5 months to lose the next 10. Nancy started eating solids so I decided to do my first fuel cycle in May. I was intimidated. But I loved it. I had amazing results. I lost over 9 lbs. in 2 weeks. It was just what I needed to break my stall! I lost 40 lbs my first year. 

In Dec 2016 I found out that I was pregnant with Will. I had a lovely, mostly on plan, THM pregnancy. I did gain 30 lbs. But I didn’t struggle with the swelling and heart palipations that I had in my previous pregnancies. I was able to exercise right up until delivery. Baby Will was born September 2017. I lost and gained the same 6 lbs. during the 10 months that I breastfed. July 2018 I started losing again. By November I was down 20 lbs. and I was back to my pre pregnancy weight.

December 31, 2018 I was at my lowest weight for the year!

FEB/2019 I was back down to my -40 lbs. with THM!

October 2019 I hit my goal of -50 lbs.

That now brings me to 2022. I’ve now been doing THM for over 6 years, and I’m still enjoying the journey. I’ve now coached 100s of ladies in their THM journey. See the social media buttons below to find me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! Check out my podcast with Coach Kate, “Girls Gone Trim” and register for an upcoming THM retreat! We love to spoil our ladies to the max!


I look forward to getting to know you and working with you!

Did you know I was a featured THM Coach in the Trim Healthy Living Ezine? 

More Testimonies

Becky is an awesome coach! I have learned so much more about THM, I had previously (2016) read the books and TRIED (flopped) to implement a few years ago on my own, never had a coach. I thought a coach couldn’t make that much of a difference, boy was I wrong!!! THEN I found Becky and that was the opposite with her guidance, knowledge and support I have learned things that I didn’t know existed in the books! I will continuing onto the next few sessions! I’ve gotten so much help and I don’t want to baby step on my own anymore! I needed and still need the accountability and her help to stay on plan. I can’t express enough how much this experience means to my health journey!!

Kelly S

Becky is a wonderful THM mentor and coach.  She’s one of the most helpful, positive and practical Trim Healthy Mama’s I know!  She offers educational, motivational and encouraging messages as well as  frequent check-ins and polls. Good coaches lead by example and Becky has gained my respect because she loves and lives the THM lifestyle and is able to help others believe in themselves, put in the work and see results.

Lenora R

Choosing Becky to be my coach as been such a blessing! I had no idea what to expect from the 30 day challenge I signed up for. It has been amazing ! She is with you every step of the way. She meets you where you are at in your THM journey. So kind and thoughtful with every question or concern you have. So so much info she makes available at your fingertips is invaluable to me. When Serene and Pearl imagined what a THM coach would be, I believe Becky fits perfectly!

Beth H

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