Food Prep & Shortcuts for DTS Workshop


Are you a Drive-Thru-Sue but think that means you can’t prep food? Not So!

Let me show you how you can prep as a DTS and utilize shortcuts to make things easy for you!


Are you a Drive-Thru Sue needing shortcuts and food prepping ideas?

I look forward to showing you some ideas on how YOU can be more intentional with your food prep and make it easier on you.  Food prep doesn’t have to consume your life. It can be done in a sustainable way.
Get your note pad and cookbooks ready and make some plans for what YOU are going to be prepping!
(This workshop was presented in "The Best You in 2022" Summit. The video is the same; however, NEW with this workshop ONLY is the top FAQs for all things prepping PDF that includes links to additional videos to help you understand and grow in food prep basics for the Drive-Thru Sue!)

What others are saying:

  • THANK YOU!!!!  Your video was great and gave me some practical ideas to help with getting healthy food on the table for dinner after work without stressing 🙂 -Melissa
  • Great video today. This session is exactly what I have needed! -Kelli
  • Great ideas on this video.  -Suzy
  • Your talk was fabulous! Chock full of helpful tips and tricks! I love how you share so many practical ways to save time and money and our sanity! 😜 🕰 👩‍🍳 -Bethany
  • Tips, tricks and more tips and tricks!! ❤️ This is why we choose Becky as our coach time and time again. The resources she provides are amazing! -Kelli
  • Great training, Coach Becky! You inspire me!  -Sarah
  • So motivating! Got my prepping started this afternoon! 96% lean ground beef with mushroom hack.  -Seleena
  • This was SOOOOO good! -Rhea
  • Thank you so much for all the prep tips! Super helpful in planning the flow of my grocery shopping + meal planning. I loved the ideas you shared.
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