Products I Use & Recommend

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I do prefer the Trim Healthy Mama brand for most things, and you can shop through my THM affliate link HERE.

But for those of you who shop on Amazon, here’s a list for you!

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As a lifestyle coach I’m always on the look out for clean products. It’s not just about what we eat, it’s also about our environment.

HUgh & Grace

I’ve been using Hugh & Grace products since April, and I’m thrilled with the hormone safe ingredients. I highly recommend any of our products.


Earthley is on a mission: to change the way the world sees health care. We’re doing our part by creating clean, pure products to support that journey. Learn more about who we are, and what we have to offer.

My favorite product is our deodorant! After wasting so many dollars over the years searching for a natural deodorant. I tried many (A LOT) natural deodorants that didn’t work for me. This one does! I’m excited that it works for my 12 year old son too. 
I have been using Earthley products since 2020. 

hugh and grace

Snacks & Drinks



THM brand pantry ingredients are still mostly my favorite brand. Shop the THM store through my affiliate link.

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coral thermal cup


In addition to the equipment listed below, I highly recommend the air fryer, blender & quick cooker from my Pampered Chef Store.

pampered chef store


On Plan Books I Recommend

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All THM books available in paper, kindle (and sometimes audio). Be sure and choose your favorite option!

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