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taco prep

taco training workshop

Lets Taco ’bout THM

Are you confused about the fuels? Join Coach Becky in this workshop to learn more about S, E, FP, XO, SH, and to dig deeper with Light S, Heavy S, & Deep S.



Taco Tuesday will never be the same! Coach Becky is a creative genius, not only with the many masterpieces she creates but also in her delivery of information that allows others to easily recreate the masterpiece … and in multiple fuel types!  Authentic ingenuity – BRAVO!


What a fun and creative way to explain the THM fuels! Immense value for the explanations, demonstrations, and visuals of the different fuel types. I’m a visual learner, so seeing how easy it can be (and how easily to go between fuels!) was essential for my understanding. I can’t wait to try my own “taco” week!


Becky has brilliantly used tacos to help teach the different types of fuels (S, E, XO, FP). The visual aid of tacos is so relatable and easy to see and “get it.” It helped me to clearly understand what differentiates the different fuels.


I loved this taco workshop! You think you understand each meal type as it relates to the various fuels but seeing Coach Becky use a single food (tacos) to make each fuel type made it make so much more sense, especially when getting into the details about fuels like Light S, Deep S, and Heavy S. Perfect visual to make it simple. And who doesn’t love tacos!!


I enjoyed learning how easy it is to make a taco meal into any fuel I need, S-E-FP-XO! Coach Becky’s workshop taught me how important it is to prep your protein and easily combine with fats or carbs to fit my nutritional needs.


My workshop from the best you in 2022 summit

Food Prep and Shortcuts for The Drive-Thru Sue

This workshop is what I presented in the “The Best You in 2022” Summit. The video is the same; however, NEW with this workshop ONLY is the top FAQs for all things prepping PDF that includes links to additional videos to help you understand and grow in food prep basics for the Drive-Thru Sue!



THANK YOU!!!!  Your video was great and gave me some practical ideas to help with getting healthy food on the table for dinner after work without stressing 🙂


Great workshop today. This session is exactly what I have needed!


Your talk was fabulous! Chock full of helpful tips and tricks! I love how you share so many practical ways to save time and money and our sanity! 😜 🕰 👩‍🍳


I love all your tips!!! They are so simple when I actually think about it!! I can do a lil here and there and it will save so much time!! I guess I always think food prep needs to be an afternoon with a free kitchen that is spotless so I can focus on getting all my prep done or making all my meals freezer meals! But, this never works bc I never seem to have a whole afternoon free!! I basically have been setting myself up mentally for meal prep failure!!! Now I might actually be able to get all these yummy recipes on the table before 8pm bc of your prep ideas!!! Thank you so  much!!! I will be incorporating these tips starting today!!!!


Great tips. I prep a lot of meals on the weekend to have as leftovers but never think about prepping the ingredients.


This was awesome. I have MS and I have always let tiredness keep me from succeeding or turn to packaged treats instead of real food. As I was listening this morning I was preparing a pot of bone broth from an organic chicken which is a thing I usually do. The meat usually goes to my dog because no one eats it. I was inspired to portion it out and freeze for meals for me. My children won’t eat it. Thanks so much!!!


Love your ideas, thank you for especially the cowboy grub and double fried rice, so versatile and easy….definitely think simplify is better. I’m not much of a meal planner, but I think getting back to a simple guidelines for the week would improve my success probably, although I hate to admit it. Lol

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