What are Coach Becky’s Clients Saying?

I appreciated how the course was set up with the readings and videos and quizzes.   I liked how each section took an entire week so we were able to really dig in and get to know it.  I also appreciated the feedback and most the cheering on from the community group.



Group coaching with Becky really helped me to stay on track with the daily check-ins and food logging and I appreciate all of the resources and encouragement given in the group. I liked that there were a variety of ways to learn like: zoom, videos, posts to read, homework, etc. I tried okra for the first time with the Snickers Big Boy Becky shared and found out that I love pickled okra! Coach Becky was encouraging and I liked the daily themes and weekly challenges! She is real and honest about life and I really appreciated that. I let go of 5 pounds and 6.5 inches during the session and gained more knowledge about my body. I’m looking forward to her Holiday coaching session!


I became a THM in the fall of 2015. I weighed in the 180s at the time. I was able to stay on plan until I had a major life event which derailed me. I would get on/off the trim train for the next 6 years until this year when I said enough is enough. I was up to over 200lbs and most of my clothes didn’t fit. I joined Coach Becky’s group and it has changed my life. Not only did her coaching give we ways to manage THM through all seasons, the daily encouragement and accountability helped me utilize the tools given. Coach Becky has truly helped me see that THM is a sustainable LIFESTYLE, not diet. I no longer feel deprived when others are eating sugar loaded foods and I feel better in my own skin. I’m also at my lowest weight in 3 years.

Coach Becky offers much useful information during her coaching. She uses herself and her family as an example which helps you relate to her. She gives a good combination of discipline and praise. I lost 14.8 pounds and 11 inches during her coaching.


The accountability in Coach Becky’s group really helped me the most! Also, I learned so many tips and how to be successful with this program. I gained confidence going forward on my own and feel so much better with more energy!

Coach Becky offers encouraging, no pressure coaching. There are no mistakes, just learning experiences.


I just love how you are so positive and build a community where women are celebrating each other and encouraging each other. I don’t feel any competitiveness in your group. Becky, you are a wonderful teacher, fantastic businesswoman, and great leader. So excited to be on this journey with you!


Becky’s course gave me the accountability and confidence I needed as a beginner. There are so many benefits! Becky’s expertise/explanation about the various THM facets is so much better than just reading the book. Accountability: tracking and reporting the food eaten keeps me on track. (Do I really want to have to admit I ate _____? ) Having insight on questionable meal/snack fuels has been helpful.



I got to buy a pair of pants in a size smaller than I had before! (The exact same brand and type). My skin is better. I have more energy. My friends say I look good. I feel good. No more sugar highs and lows! Praise God for this way of eating and for YOU Becky as you minister to all of us!

Happy Client

I think it was week 6 that Coach Becky asked what we learned this session, and I can’t even remember how I answered, but that question stuck with me in the weeks that followed.  I had been THM”ish” on and off for 4 years, and my weight was dropping then spiking to new highs with each wave. I thought I knew THM well enough not to need a coach but knew I needed community and accountability, which Coach Becky offers.  I figured out in the 1st week of her coaching that I not only needed a coach but one who knew THM inside and out like she does.  Trust me, it makes all the difference! 


Knowing that I was having someone hold me accountable for my food choices was a big help for me. Posting my food logs every day helped me see that the food I was eating was on the right track. It also made me more observant of what I was putting in my mouth and when. It made me question if I was within the proper time limits, was I truly hungry or simply looking for something to put in my mouth, or was I really just in need of something to drink. Knowing that I had Becky available to answer any questions was a huge help for me. She was not only my coach but in a way, became like a friend. She was always so encouraging, reassuring and inspiring. I knew that I had someone “in my corner” at all times.



I was tired of being tired and tired of never having clothes that fit. I made a choice to love myself and do something for me; I bought a set of new clothes that fit appropriately and joined Coach Becky in August 2021. She gently guided me through understanding the plan more in depth and challenging me to try new things, out of my comfort zone. I have felt successes with my confidence and with my weight loss! I love how down-to-earth and relatable Coach Becky is. While it isn’t necessary for me to continue in coaching with the skills I’ve learned, I’ve continued coaching with her for encouragement, Community, and accountability: 3 sessions down, and already signed up for the next one!  


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