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THM Beginner Lifestyle Coaching

This 8 week course will teach you the basics of the THM Plan which is learning to recognize proteins, carbs and fats while separating fuels. It facilitates discussion to ensure participants understand the foundations of THM and how they can successfully adopt the THM lifestyle. Let me help you grow in confidence and success!

THM Intermediate Lifestyle Group Coaching

This group features the higher learning aspects of the THM plan. Participants will increase their knowledge base and mature in their health journey. You will learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way to successfully adopt this lifestyle!

Let me simplify THM!

Making the decision to follow the THM plan is the first step to taking control of your health. However, don’t let confusion get you stuck.


I’m Coach Becky and, above all, I desire to help you learn and grow as you conquer the plan and make this lifestyle change for a Better You!

Because your unique needs and limitations can derail you, I want to help you determine the plan for coaching that is just right to help you step into better health!

We are growing! New things are happening!

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THM Retreat!

Come join others on their health journey in Plain City, Ohio for an in-person retreat hosted by Certified Coaches, Coach Becky and Coach Kate November 4, 5, & 6 2022.

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About Coach Becky

THM Certified Lifestyle Coach

Hi, Welcome! I’m Coach Becky! My passion is helping ladies (and their families) enjoy their journey to health. As a THM coach I teach, train and encourage women to find their trim and healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way using the Trim Healthy Mama principles of eating. I’m also an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef. I’m a firm believer of having good, trust-worthy tools to get the job done efficiently. And more importantly having fun in the kitchen is a must! I’ve now been using Pampered Chef products for 20+ years.

My Approach

I am here to gently support and coach you to success. I want to help you push through the “failure” mentality. Eating off plan for a meal doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It means that 3 hours later you can jump right back on plan & start afresh!

My Process

My unique group coaching approach allows you to find support among others dealing with your same issues. Training one person in the group trains everyone! You might hear the answer to a question you didn’t know you had.

Why You Should Choose Coach Becky

Stephanie B

Becky is an amazing THM coach for newbies and veteran trim healthy mamas. She supports her clients needs gently and in a nonjudgmental manner.  She is committed to making sure the plan is clear to ensure her clients are successful! I appreciate her very much.

Dana M

I’m currently in Becky’s coaching/challenge group. I have learned so much! She is so encouraging and supportive. I was not new to THM but have learned things in this group that will be helpful to me for a lifetime. Thank you, Becky!

Michelle H

I have been doing THM on and off for about four years. Becky has been coaching me for one month now and I have learned more in this month from her than I have in the last four years.  She is a great coach, she challenges you but also extends a lot of grace. Becky has had a lot of success with THM and it shows in her coaching. I highly recommend her!

Sarah C

Becky has been such a great support! She is so gracious to help find information, recipes and give advice. I love how her challenge has been a mix of learning, accountability and encouragement! She somehow knows just the right time for some positive encouragement. She has been the piece of the puzzle that I needed to jump start and stay on track!

Jill P

Becky has been such an encouragement to me on my THM journey. She is an amazing cheerleader and spurred me on time and time again. Becky offers practical, helpful advice and tips. She makes THM “doable” and her recipes are absolutely fabulous!!!
I am so thankful to have walked this THM journey with her these past 30 days!


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Having Trouble Finding the Right Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

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Let me help you discover how to make THM fit YOUR life!


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Pumpkin Cheesecake

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is group coaching for anyone?
YES! Choose Beginner if you’re overwhelmed with knowing how to start or confused with the basics of the plan.
Level 2 Group Coaching is for those that understand the basics of the plan: S, E, FP. Level 2 is for those that are ready to dig deeper and mature in their THM journey.
If I don't have weight to lose how will group coaching benefit me?
You will benefit from being in a community environment and the many tips and recipes Coach Becky provides. You will find inspiration and motivation to continue in your health journey.
I understand the plan, but I can’t seem to stick to it. How will Group coaching help me?

The tips, recipes, short cuts, and the accountability that are offered with the daily check in is a huge motivator to stay on plan! 

Do you offer one on one coaching?
Currently I am no longer offering 1:1 coaching. I’m a new homeschooling mama, and the group coaching is a better fit for the season we’re in. 
Will I have to share weekly weights / measurements with the group coaching?

Sharing that info is optional. You can keep all of that information private. No one is pressured to share. I do offer a weekly weigh in for those that want the accountability. 

just can’t seem to lose weight with THM. Which group coaching would be better for me?
If you’ve been on plan for a little while and understand the basics of the plan, Level 2 group coaching is beneficial. I teach a more indepth understanding of the plan, (i.e. the Fuel Cycle, the different S meals). And we get that scale moving again. But if you still don’t understand the basics of the plan start in the beginner group coaching.

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